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Οn 2 April 2015 Police forces detected thousands of counterfeit products of famous brands such as bags, belts, wallets, sunglasses etc. in an apartment located in Athens.

In total, 28.755 counterfeit goods have been found and confiscated. The suspects were arrested and led to the Public Prosecutor accused for violation of the law regarding unfair competition (Law no. 146/1914), trademark infringement (Law no. 4072/2012) and copyright infringement (Law no. 2121/1993).




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Legislative action should take place soon in the field of collective management of copyright and related rights, Ministry of Culture states. Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. N. Xidakis, answering to an opposition MP, said that the relevant presidential decree is expected to be voted soon. According to this, extended controlling and sanctioning powers will be attributed to the Hellenic Copyright Organisation, including penalties imposition to non compliant Collecting societies with legal requirements related with, especially, drafting and publishing of royalties pricing. In addition, Mr. Xydakis remarked that the transposition of the European Directive 2014/26/EU “on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use in the internal market” will be implemented much earlier than the deadline of 10 April 2016.




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With a recent decision (13 March 2015) the three-Member Misdemeanors Court of Serres in northern Greece abrogated the arraignment against 156 owners of food and drinks establishments who were accused for not having paid copyright fees to AEPI, the major Greek Collective Management Organisation, for music public performance in their shops during the year 2012.

According to information confirmed by Deputy CEO of AEPI, the decision was founded in formal omissions related with the bill of indictment, since the necessary evidence proving copyright infringement was not presented.


It should be noted that AEPI issued the following press release on this occasion:


In response to misleading and false publications according to which AEPI has sued “156” shop owners bound for payment of copyright fees for public performance of music in their shops in Serres, as well as references concerning a court decision related to the case trialed on 13th of March in the court of Serres and the supposed acquittal of them, in order to restore the truth related to the  facts, we announce and inform both the public and the users of music that:

1. Only those who paid the respective copyright fees have been acquitted.

2. For the rest accused the case is pending.

It is important and necessary for these shop owners to arrange their respective legal obligations until the next court date in order to be released as well.

In any case, misleading information given out by the Press concerning sensitive legal issues is in the interests of neither the users of music works, who are bound by similar obligations nor the creators and the harmonious collaboration with AEPI; it is not in the interests of our culture in general.

From the Press office of AEPI



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A very interesting conference on Fashion Law, will be held in Athens on 14 May 2015, under the auspices of the Greek Industrial Property Organisation and the Hellenic Copyright Organisation.


Among others, a session on "Fashion and Intellectual Property" is on the schedule.


Fashioning the Law Conference

The HUB Events

5, Alkminis str.



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Good news in the industrial property field! The Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (known as O.B.I.) will enable an electronic document management system using information and communication technologies (ICT) that will be effective from 26 February 2015. On that same date, an electronic filing system of industrial design - model registration applications shall enter into force. The Ministerial Decision No. 12625/1 (Official Gazette B 3528/12.04.2014) regulates the technical terms and conditions, as well as further details having regard to the electronic communication means between O.B.I. and the interested parties. A separate chapter (Chapter 4th) lays down the e-filing terms for industrial design & model registration. The said Ministerial Decision is applicable to any document, title or certificate except for those which are related to inventions classified as temporarily or definitely confidential (Law n. 4325/1963). The use of electronic signature, pursuant to Regulation for the Provision of Electronic Signature Certification Services (no. 248/71, Official Gazette 603 B/16.05.2001) of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission, is a necessary condition for any electronic transaction with O.B.I.